We design, develop, and maintain websites and online services for our clients.

Service and Quality is what makes us unique from everyone else.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making your website attractive, interactive, engaging, and fun

Jquery, HTML5, CSS3 and others are on the cutting edge of web design/development today. Staying ahead of the curve is our first priority.

A Website must be alluring, charming, and ever evolving to avoid the risk of those users never coming back.

Why Us?

We make websites attractive through graphics AND CODE. We pride ourselves in the implementation of Jquery into our clients websites. There are thousands of plugins online that can be customized to your sites design and enhance your site.

Many other web service companies offer you the same; Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Zen-Cart, and other "cookie cut" template driven CMS systems. While we also possess those skills to develop and maintain those systems, we pride ourselves in the customization, creative side of web development.

Turning a website into a graphically user interface(GUI) can be a very simple process if you have the right skill set. We have the skill set to make everything possible on the web.

Social Life

Being Social Is just as important as developing a great website website. Being well versed in the Social Networking APIs is what separates us in this area from every other web services company out there.

Having users like your website, post to users profiles, or have them follow you allows for everyone connected to them to see your products or services.

The Social Networking market is growing exponentially. Facebook, Twitter, and all the 2nd tier social networks are a must if you want to stay relevant. A sleek informative website keeps users engaged and loyal but the traffic is built through a strong social media presense.

Portfolio / Clients

The works below are pieces that we have done or our developers had a hand in creating with other companies.

We are very proud of all our pieces of work. We make sure to create our greatest work with the resources provided.

Please read the short description for the sites below to see what they encompassed in their creation.

Website is dedicated to all the bars, clubs, and nightlife in San Antonio. Over 250 bars are showcased and can be reviewed and voted on by users. Bar owners can register and login through a back end window and take control over their page. They can upload photos, events, drinkspecials, and bio.

Google Maps Api is what the site was originally designed around. The map has a max zoom out level and each dot was created by the points latitude and longitude determined by it's address. The voting on the bar topics is all dynamically created (no page reload). Dynamically loaded content is an event easily developed if you understand Jquery principles.

Logging into the backend without the rigidity of a joomla or wordpress can be such a liberating feature from a coding perspective. Now as a developer we don't have to conform to those frameworks and can produce our own custom widgets and features.

For example, with Joomla you typically need to install a plugin for a simple contact us form. The plugins have limited customization, with a custom form we can now do anything, place it anywhere, and really give the user a unique experience.

This is a forum based website with the largest 5000 cities in the US. Users can create topics on a various number of categories and comment on them. Users also have the option to chat with others that are logged on to that city. Finally, people who want to advertise on can purchase it through a shopping cart we customized.

The database is heavily used on this website and altered through the scripting. The facebook API is used to login users so they can chat in their city. The messages are dynmically handled through Jquery(no page reload).

Social Network APIs are so important to social media presense. Logging in is only scratching the surface as to we're what are allowed access to. Posting to your wall, spreading the number of your followers, sharing your products or services, and etc.

This site is showcasing the services that this law office provides. It allows users to quickly contact the office through a contact us form.

This website is your classic content style website and can quickly be produced. Links are typically located across the top, left, or both, and each take you to a essay style webpage with photos.

What is unique about this website is the paypal integration that is on the right hand column. Clients can quickly and directly pay their bills through this form.

Paypal is a very versatile tool that can be utilized on any website. With it you can take one time or subscription payments with a safe and secure method. A Debit card or credit card is all that is needed when making a one time payment

This is a catalog/shopping cart type of website with many different products and prices showcased over several pages. Customers are able select products, place them into their cart, and purchase them all through this website.

The cart is built with Zen-Cart, which allows the owner of the store to easily add and update images, prices, and descriptions about products. You are able to login, view the amount of purchases, change shipping cost, alter taxes, and many more.

Zen-Cart is perfect for separating the tasks between developers and owners by allowing owners to build their cart and developers to customize the code.

It also allows you to implement paypal or plugins to take credit card payments, and send purchasers receipts to their email, this feature can be really useful to anybody with a small business.

Our main developer Ramon Escamilla helped develop the back end of this website


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